Troop 1865 is a boy-led unit.  We focus on developing leadership skills and strengthening character through a high adventure outdoor program tied to traditional Boy Scout values, and a structured advancement program.


Troop News

Shooting Sports Trip [March 2015] Once again the troop went on one of our most popular trips “The shooting sports trip” (or how the boys call it “The rifle/shotgun trip.”) This year the troop went to a new location for the trip we went to the Fallen Spring Hunt lodge in Wardenville, WV. As usual the boys go to shoot .22 rifles, 12 and 20 gauge shotguns, and black powder rifles. And with the great weather the trip was perfect.

Caving Trip [February 2015] This month the troop once again decided to go on another “Fan favorite” trip. Once again we went on the popular “Caving trip” in Franklin, West Virginia. Even with the snow fall we still continued on to the caves. This year we had the choice of three caves, “The Trout Cave,” “The Hamilton Cave,” and “The Keys Cave.” Even with the bad weather that didn’t stop us from having a good time once again.